World Agri-Tech Workshop with USFRA: How can we focus ESG & Investment to Scale Up Climate-Smart AgTech?

Join USFRA and its report collaborators on a workshop to explore how we can focus ESG and other investment toward agricultural technologies and scale up the adoption of climate-smart, soil-centric agriculture.

US Farmers & Ranchers in Action will soon publish an in-depth report, “Transformative Investment in Climate-Smart Agriculture”, that looks at six specific climate-smart agriculture practices; the barriers to their adoption at scale; how technology innovation can address those barriers; and how financial tools can be used to scale up these practices.

Why should you join?

The report includes the first ever Climate-Smart AgTech Landscape as well as an overview of agricultural capital flows in the US. The goal is to provide a playbook to investors and technologists on where they should focus their investments to make a positive impact.
The workshop leaders will discuss the key findings and recommendations from the report, and invite feedback from attendees. The goal of the workshop is to assess the current status, define the next steps to implement the recommendations, and generate ideas on how to move forward together.


Who is this workshop for?

  • Investors of all types — VCs, Family Offices, Institutional Investors
  • Agri-food businesses and agtech players including start-ups (soil sensors, aerial sensing, and farm management software)
  • Farmers and Ranchers


Get involved – it’s interactive! 

  • Read the report, available here
  • Join live for the discussion and speaker/audience interaction at the summit. Register here


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