World Agri-Tech Workshop with X: Computational Agriculture is Coming… Let’s Brainstorm the Future of the Food System

Advanced technologies are converging to unlock the era of computational agriculture in which farmers, agronomists, breeders and scientists will have new tools that help them understand the complexity of the plant world in radically different ways.

These tools will enable the agriculture industry to ask new and potentially transformative questions: What happens when every single plant is monitored and given exactly the care it needs? What happens when the subtle ways a plant responds to its environment can be measured and modeled? How will the industry adapt when a crop variety can be matched to a parcel of land for optimum sustainability?

Why should you join?

Computational power, artificial intelligence and machine perception are advancing extremely quickly, and have the potential to accelerate other initiatives or solve previously intractable problems. Join this session to learn about these technologies and brainstorm potential applications with other leading thinkers in the food system.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Non Profit Organizations/Universities
  • Seed companies
  • Government Agriculture Agencies
  • Crop Protection companies
  • Hardware OEM
  • Ag and AgTech investors

Get involved – it’s interactive! 

Join live for the discussion and speaker/audience interaction at the summit. Register here.

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