Mottech Water Solutions and Viridix have entered into a strategic partnership combining Mottechs’ remote control water management and irrigation application with Viridix’s Auto-Pilot precision irrigation system to bring their customers a ground-breaking, autonomous, precision irrigation solution.

Mottech’s advanced remote monitoring and control solutions ensure constant, reliable, and accurate water usage, while reducing operational and maintenance costs. Mottechs’ ICC-PRO software is an advanced irrigation control platform that communicates with all the system’s components while simultaneously monitoring and controlling all sites, resulting in highly reliable, centralized, and remote irrigation management.

Viridix’s Auto-Pilot system is comprised of Viridix’s RooTense®, a proprietary water potential sensor that provides real time data, and the company’s unique AI software that is in charge of aggregating the RooTense® data with external data such as weather conditions and other inputs, and analyzing it all to provide operational insights, enabling the system to make and act on autonomous decisions.

Mottech and Viridix will co-develop a holistic solution, integrating Viridix’s Auto-Pilot system into Mottech’s ICC-PRO application. For the first time, customers will be able to monitor the root’s activity and implement a smart irrigation protocol across their farms in real time, field by field, adjusting irrigation levels according to real time conditions. The advanced system uses artificial intelligence to recommend the exact adjustments required to dose the optimum irrigation required for individual crops.

On average, as evident in early pilots, the technology results in savings of over 30% in water usage, while also significantly improving crop quality and yield.

“Viridix’s RooTense® is a unique sensing technology that has been operational for several years now and is already used by some of our customers. This has been a key factor in the decision to integrate the two systems, as the value proposition was very clear right from the start. Adding Viridix’s artificial intelligence to the ICC-PRO lets us provide our customers with a groundbreaking holistic solution.” said Dudi Shani, CEO of Mottech. “The cost to the farmer versus the savings on water usage are very attractive and we expect demand to be high.”

“We are excited to be working with Mottech and are confident that by working together as one team, we will unlock the full potential of precise irrigation and provide our customers with a comprehensive data-based solution,” said Tal Maor, CBO and Co-Founder of Viridix. “Removing the guesswork surrounding irrigation will translate to an increased crop yield and will help farmers move to confident planning and precise execution.” Rarely does a commercial solution fit so well with the environmental need to produce more with less.

Mottech will be the exclusive distributor of the combined system in South Africa and Australia where they currently have thousands of existing agricultural customers and will promote the integrated solution in other territories as well. The full integration into Mottech’s ICC-PRO management software will be available in Q2 2022.

About Mottech

Mottech Water Solutions Ltd. (“Mottech”) provides high-end remote control and monitoring solutions for water and irrigation applications based on Motorola’s IRRInet state-of-the-art control, monitoring and communication technologies. As Motorola’s global prime-distributor, Mottech serves its customers worldwide through its international subsidiaries and global network of local distributors and representatives. With over 25 years of experience in providing customers with irrigation remote control and management, Mottech’s solutions ensure constant, reliable and accurate water usage, increase crops quality and yield while reducing operational and maintenance costs providing fast ROI – all while helping sustain the environment. Mottech’s activities are focused on the market segments of agriculture, water distribution, municipal and commercial landscape as well as wastewater and storm-water reuse.

About Viridix

Viridix empowers farmers by taking uncertainty out of irrigation decisions. By combining accurate and timely water potential data with additional information such as weather, irrigation protocols and soil characteristics, Viridix simplifies and automates one of the most important operations in farming. Precise irrigation helps farmers optimize productivity, reduce resource consumption and improve sustainability. The Viridix solution is based on revolutionary RooTense® technology that is cost effective, requires no maintenance and is extremely easy to use. This advanced IoT-based solution leverages AI and machine learning to deliver precision irrigation, taking it to the next level with full-irrigation-cycle automation.