Ahead of their panel discussions at the World Agri-Tech summit, our experts share key insights about the pioneering work being done in IoT, AI and machine learning, and what partnerships and collaborations are needed to enable integration at scale.


Tobias MenneTobias Menne, Global Head of Digital Farming, XARVIO/BASF
“At Xarvio, we are improving and automating crop production. We believe that agronomic intelligence and machinery will grow into seamless new solutions. Our smart sprayer for crop protection products is an example and transforming, how weeds are controlled. Outcome based business models will make it affordable for farmers and drive adoption of new services.”


Michael Gilbert headshot - speaker at the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit, San Francisco

Michael Gilbert, Founder & CEO, SEMIOS

“As agtech improves through incredible innovation in AI, IoT, and machine learning, we must not forget the end user; the farmer. One of the biggest hurdles to agtech adoption that we see is the lack of comprehensive support for the grower on the ground. Farm data is only useful when it informs a decision that results in a better outcome for the grower. It’s not enough to ship equipment to the field or put software on their phones and expect immediate adoption. A true partnership needs to exist between the grower and the technology provider to enable impactful, sustainable results.”


Fayaz Khazi - Speaker at the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit


“Condensed product development cycles in agriculture are more essential than ever to address the challenge of nourishing a growing population while preserving a fragile planet. With a clever combination of computational biology and genome editing it is now possible to more rapidly address gaps in the innovation supply chain, positively impacting crop improvement across diverse market segments – all in parallel”


Jason Keith head shotJason Keith, Director of Sales, Global Key Accounts, NEVONEX BY BOSCH

“Demand on agricultural players to further digitize is increasing across the entire value chain. Providing tools and infrastructure to allow this information flow to take place securely and efficiently is a key goal of the NEVONEX powered by BOSCH platform.”


Daniel Koppel, CEO & Co-Founder, PROSPERA

“Machine learning and robotics will change the face of agriculture in the coming 10 years. Given the current adoption rate of technologies in ag, it’s important we discuss what technology bets companies should make in the current climate.”



Jim Thomason, VP of Imagery Products, PLANETJim Thomason

“Planet is a leading provider of satellite data and insights that can be fed into a variety of commercial and humanitarian applications – one of our core markets being agriculture. We’re excited by the potential of AI and Machine Learning to contribute to more accurate modeling that helps uncover both the “what” and the “why” of agricultural data. Having a consistent baseline of data anywhere across the globe can help better estimate yields, accurately identify key phases across the growing cycle, and distill insights on threats to crops at regional scale.”



“Farmers tell us they want the next generation to see a real future in agriculture. That’s Robots-as-a-Service! Automation can solve for mundane and repetitive tasks like driving, but for successful adoption, AI needs to make complex decisions like picking, weeding and control of large fleets. Working alongside growers from product inception, gives all of us the ability to create a solution that brings productivity and economic wealth back to the family farm.”


Daniel Padrao, SolinftecDaniel Padrão, COO, SOLINFTEC

“Increasing food production while respecting the environment is a pressing challenge that agriculture will address by marrying industrial engineering and biology, preserving the art of farming and modernizing the industry for a new era.”



To hear more from the experts, register for the virtual World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit and tune in to the panel discussion “Machine Intelligence: The Next Frontier in Making Agriculture Smarter” on March 10, 11am PT.