The IN10T INvision customizable platform incorporates key agronomic data for agricultural product trial and demo experience programs offering clients a competitive advantage.

IN10T (“intent”) Inc. announced publicly its development of the IN10T INvision Platform, a customizable, comprehensive agriculture technology solution that delivers well-timed, quality data insights across all aspects of product performance. The announcement comes after IN10T has successfully ingested and processed vast amounts of agronomic and yield data through the INvision Platform for the 2020 season.

INvision is designed to ingest data from nearly all existing monitors, sensors and farm management information systems. The interface provides companies and farmers visibility of demo and trial program information, including map-based field selection, agronomic practices, demographic and environmental data, analytical insights reports and more. Users also have access to a connected mobile application that allows them to track geo-tagged field visits and take photos, all of which is viewable in INvision.

The platform gives a birds-eye view of the entire trial program or demo experience, from farmer enrollment through post-harvest analytics, allowing company clients to drive critical stakeholder behaviors and ensure complete data sets at the end of the season.

“INvision offers the visibility of consistent, high-quality data in a single web-based interface and mobile app. Our unique approach brings together all aspects of a farmer’s production process into a scalable system that allows us to process data and deliver useful insights with even more speed and agility, which is crucial in the ever-changing ag environment,” said Mike Hartquist, VP of Technology at IN10T.

Several IN10T clients are already leveraging the capabilities of INvision, and the team is advancing and improving the platform’s functionality for 2021. The interface is fully configurable based on the clients’ needs and preferences, allowing a unique branded experience that aligns with their business and customer objectives.

INvision was built to deliver data insights to clients that enable them to assess product performance and customer experience to drive business decisions for subsequent growing seasons. “Our platform delivers critical information and insights at the right time so businesses can develop the most successful path towards sustainable commercial success for their product,” said Kevin Heikes, IN10T co-founder and COO. “INvision offers more than just yield results – it delivers a fully integrated digital experience.”

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About IN10T:

IN10T is a digital agriculture company founded in 2016 that creates end-to-end, custom digital and data science solutions for customers in agriculture and those investing in agriculture. IN10T helps clients unlock growth by focusing on product performance, farmer experience, go-to-market strategy, and digital innovation.