IN10T Inc. Secures Second Round of Investment From Ospraie Ag Science to Accelerate Farmer Adoption of Innovative Technology Solutions

IN10T (“intent”) Inc., a rapidly growing digital ag tech company, announced an equity investment from Ospraie Ag Science (OAS), the venture arm of New York-based commodities and basic industries firm Ospraie Management. The investment will contribute to IN10T’s continued growth in delivering technology and service solutions that help businesses accelerate farmer adoption.

The second-round investment for OAS underscores IN10T’s strong business model and formalizes OAS’s role as a key shareholder. As a member of IN10T’s Board of Directors, OAS will help expand INvision, the industry-leading digital adoption platform.

Randy Barker headshot
Randall Barker, CEO, IN10T

“Our comprehensive, digitally focused approach helps our clients build the most successful path towards sustainable commercial success,” said Randall Barker, CEO and co-founder of IN10T. “This partnership with OAS will allow us to accelerate our technical innovation through the INvision platform. We are excited to deliver solutions for ag businesses, farmers and investors by integrating vast amounts of agricultural data and on-farm farmer experiences to analyze and predict adoption outcomes.”

“The ag industry is in a state of rapid transformation with new technologies emerging monthly,” said Ospraie Management founder Dwight Anderson. “IN10T’s keen focus on the data and insights that drive farmer adoption helps get the best innovations onto farmers’ fields sooner. We see strong potential for this platform across our network and the sector.”

Since it began operations in 2016, IN10T has expanded to Canada and portions of South America, and its FarmerTrials Network has grown to more than 1,500 farmers globally. In 2020, the company announced the development of a proprietary digital tool called INvision, an ag tech solution that delivers consistent, quality data insights and gives clients visibility of product demo and field trial program information, including map-based field selection, agronomic practices, analytical insights and more.

Join Randall on the March 10 workshop “The X Factor of Ag Innovation Adoption” as Randall will sit down with a farmer, an ag business, and an investor to discuss the myriad of considerations that impact the farmers’ decision-making to bring new technology to the farm.


About IN10T:

IN10T is a digital agriculture company founded in 2016 that creates end-to-end, custom digital and data science solutions for customers in agriculture and those investing in agriculture. IN10T helps clients unlock growth by focusing on product performance, farmer experience, go-to-market strategy and digital innovation. For more information, visit

About Ospraie Ag Science:

Ospraie Ag Science LLC is an investment vehicle that supports productivity enhancing companies in the agriculture technology space with a focus on sustainable solutions that improve the quality of life for farmers and society. Utilizing our extensive network and 25 years of experience investing in agriculture markets, we identify solutions that help farmers “Do More With Less” and that increase profitability, reduce environmental impact and improve their quality-adjusted yield.