Hello Nature reveals new projects for 2022-2023 including an innovative approach to guarantee and restore soil health and a new range of products to increase nutrient use efficiency.

Hello Nature, a leading company in the research and production of sustainable solutions in agriculture, just revealed its main focuses for 2022 – 2023 through a video where different people from the company show new projects, new products, and trials about the most important topics.

Main theme of the video are biostimulants and their different functions according to new regulation (EU) 2019/1009. Starting with Nutrient Use Efficiency, the company shows that vegetal protein hydrolysates, containing Plant Stimulating Peptides (PSP), have the ability to Increase NUE and consequently, that it is possible to reduce the dose of applied fertilizers, a crucial theme in today’s agriculture, given the product shortage affecting the sector.

In relation to NUE theme, a new generation of products is presented, CERBERO GREEN, a complete range featuring a unique combination of NPKs water soluble fertilizers and plant stimulating peptides 100% of vegetal origin. The PSP present in the formula increase the effectiveness of fertilization, limiting the loss by leaching and allowing to reduce the application dose of fertilizers.

The second topic related to biostimulants is quality, meant both commercial and nutritional: for nutritional quality a new solution is presented, called KYRIN, based on vegetal peptides and with a high potassium content aimed at improving the nutritional and organoleptic quality of the fruits. For commercial quality the solution is CaNOVA, a liquid biostimulant, powered by KEY+ technology, featuring Calcium biochelated with PSP: very promising trial results on apple are shown to confirm the potential of this product.

It is not possible to talk about crop yield and quality improvement without talking about soils: these are crucial assets to guarantee food security, and they are deteriorating fast. HELLO NATURE proposes an integrated approach to keep agricultural soils alive and healthy including organic fertilizers, vegetal derived plant biostimulants and beneficial microbials such as bacteria and Trichoderma. This year the company is adding another piece to the system: data-driven insights, with a project called CARE4SOIL.

The concept of CARE4SOIL is to provide farmers with detailed and advanced information about their soils through metabolomics analysis, carried out thanks to an innovative and exclusive process developed in one of the company’s R&D center. Knowing the microbiological soil composition will allow farmers to better manage nutritional elements, to save all unnecessary costs, lowering environmental impact and eventually preventing any risk of fertility loss.

Like CARE4SOIL, another important project is at the heart of this year’s strategy: the partnership with Thought for Food, an ONG dedicated to engaging, accelerating, and investing in the next generation of innovators and solutions in every part of the world. Together, TFF and HELLO NATURE launched a challenge targeting farmers education and Alice Toderi, CMO of the company, reveals the winner at the end of the video: it’s RURAL FARMERS HUB, a company based in Nigeria which provides data-driven actionable insights in local languages though different channels to millions of farmers across Africa.

About this very rich schedule, Luca Bonini, CEO of HELLO NATURE says: “The actual unstable situation made us think a lot about how we could better invest to support the agricultural sector ensuring food security. I think that only true innovation will be able to move our society forward and help the transition to a more sustainable model. And we have the responsibility to show that this model is possible both economically and technologically. We need to keep feeding the world with less resources even in the most difficult scenario; to do so, we are committed to research and invest in innovative solutions because this is the only reasonable and possible answer to the challenges we are facing now.


HELLO NATURE® is a global leader producing organic fertilizers, 100% vegetal-based biostimulants, and beneficial microbials. Innovation has made HELLO NATURE® a worldwide leader – operating in 80 countries with three R&D centers, 12 commercial offices and 6 production plants. Founded by Cav. Licinio Bonini in the 1970s, Italpollina, now named HELLO NATURE®, focuses on a sustainable and natural approach to agriculture, maintaining human and environmental health as paramount. For more information, please visit .

As a Gold partner for the summit, Hello Nature team will be at March 2023’s World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit in San Francisco.