Greeneye Technology completed a series of field trials of its precision spraying technology and starts enrolling US farmers for the upcoming launch in 2022.

Greeneye Technology, a leading precision agriculture company based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, announced today it has concluded a series of successful field trials with leading multinational stakeholders from the agriculture industry to evaluate its precision spraying system in real field conditions. Greeneye demonstrated unparalleled results with more than 95% accuracy rate throughout all spraying applications (pre & post emergence) and reduction of more than 80% of herbicides compared to standard broadcast spraying.

“The results of the field trials are the ultimate testimonial that precision spraying is about to change everything we know about the way farmers spray chemicals, we are excited with the enormous potential this technology brings to farmers, this is an important milestone in our mission to reduce chemical usage while increasing farmers profitability and productivity” commented Nadav Bocher, CEO & Co-Founder of Greeneye.

Following the demonstration, Greeneye expects to announce several strategic collaborations agreements with multinational stakeholders. The second generation of the system will be deployed commercially in the summer of 2021 and will be available for farmers in the US in the 2022 season.

About Greeneye Technology

Greeneye is a leading technology company with a focus in precision agriculture, established in 2017 and based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Greeneye has a multidisciplinary team with expertise in computer vision, artificial intelligence, agronomy, mechanical engineering, spraying applications, etc. We work with an extraordinary group of talented and visionary people who are committed to provide sustainable solutions for farmers around the world. Greeneye is backed by world renowned investors, the last round of financing was led by JVP and Syngenta venture.

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