Ahead of the virtual World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit, six green chemistry experts share their insights on what opportunities the intersection of biology and agriculture can offer, how biological technologies work together in a broader integrated pest management strategy and what partnerships and collaborations are needed to create impact at scale.


Michael Miille, Joyn Bio

Michael Miille, CEO, JOYN BIO

“The rate of climate change is rapidly outpacing the solutions available to farmers to continue feeding a growing global population. The next wave of agtech innovation must offer improved performance and reliability, with sustainability and consumer preference at the forefront – and we believe synthetic biology and engineered microbes will play an essential role in the future of agriculture.”



Travis Bayer, SoundAgriculture
Travis Bayer, Sound Agriculture

Travis Bayer, Co-Founder & CTO, SOUND AGRICULTURE

“Industrial production of fertilizer has been wildly successful for growing more food, but harmful to the environment. Can technology and markets alone move us towards sustainable sources of crop nutrition, or will it take regulatory pressure to shift industry and grower practices? There’s a lot at stake – global food security, the fate of our climate, and for these reasons we’re working on making biotech solutions easy to adopt with the goal of transforming agriculture.”


Ry Wagner, President International Agribusiness, ALGAENERGY

Ry Wagner headshot
Ry Wagner, AlgaEnergy

“Developing sustainable inputs for growers around the world is at the heart of AlgaEnergy’s mission and vision. Having some of the most reliable green technologies in the market today has committed us to creating technologies based on science and knowledge. Growers around the world are searching for quality and consistency in the biological products they use to complement their current practices, and importantly they are recognizing the value of using products with diverse modes of action that can be used in integrated crop management systems. Managing the health of the soil and the crop, and using natural pest control products, supports not only the yield and quality of the current crop but also contributes to the future sustainability of farming.

Reflecting this demand for integrated crop management, AlgaEnergy is tirelessly pursuing the best biofertilizer, biostimulant and biocontrol solutions through harnessing the power of microalgae as a unique source of biological inputs, and through establishing strategic license and partnership agreements with providers of technologies that are synergistic to our microalgae products.  The knowledge we gain in the development of a robust and diverse product portfolio provides the power behind our bio-revolution that is delivering products today to create the sustainable agriculture of the future.” 


Patrice Selles - Speaker at the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit
Patrice Selles, Biotalys

Patrice Sellès, CEO, BIOTALYS

“With all the energy, the passion and the input required to grow our food today, it is heart-breaking to realize we are still losing more than 30% of all what we produce to waste and loss. At Biotalys, we believe that it is important to protect better what we already produce before producing more for our growing population. Our nature inspired protein-based bio-controls will complement existing solutions along the food value chain with novel modes of actions enabling more efficient resistance management and sustainable food protection.

It will take many innovative mindsets to shape a safe and sustainable future for our food system. Biotalys is doing its part by creating unique biocontrol solutions with novel modes of action to expand growers toolbox and fight against the most devastating crop and food threats. Only with collaborative and integrated approaches between different technologies will we be able to sustainably manage resistance, limit our impact on soils and biodiversity and offer safe and healthy food to our communities.” 


Kim Nicholson Headshot
Kim Nicholson, The Mosaic Company

Kim Nicholson, VP AgTech & Innovation, THE MOSAIC COMPANY 

“Solving the problems of improving crop production while respecting and protecting our environment and communities will require partnerships with both industry and entrepreneurs.  I am looking forward to opening the doors of communication with all of the key stakeholders in this broader community to capitalize on innovation and deliver meaningful results in this area.” 


Keira Havens
Keira Havens, Pivot Bio


Keira Havens, Sustainability & Public Affairs Manager, PIVOT BIO 

“We’re helping farmers solve pain points in their operation with a microbial fertilizer product. Ensuring that technology works seamlessly with existing operations makes our product and others in the green chemistry, biological or microbial space successful today and well into the future. We provide farmers with a more reliable nitrogen with less impact on the environment, and that customer enthusiasm is what gives us confidence Pivot Bio will be around for the long haul.” 


To hear more insights from the experts, join the virtual World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit and tune into Michael’s panel discussion Biology with Purpose: Opportunities at the Intersection of Biology, Agriculture & Food” on March 9 at 1.20 PT.

Join Kim, Keira and Travis on March 9 in the Track 2: Sustainability discussion “Ecosystem Health: How Do We Solve a Giant Nitrogen & Phosphorus Crisis in Agriculture?”

Don’t miss Patrice and Ry’s discussion in Putting Biologicals into Action: What Does A Pest Management Strategy Led by Biologicals Look Like?” within Track 2: Sustainability on March 10, 11 am PT.