AlgaEnergy will become exclusive worldwide distributor of Laboratoire M2 biocontrol products and will collaborate with the Quebec company’s scientists on new disease-control products for agriculture.

AlgaEnergy N.A. Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Spain-based AlgaEnergy S.A. and a global leader in microalgae biotechnology, has signed global product distribution and product development agreements with Laboratoire M2 Inc., a Quebec-based biotechnology company that develops natural and sustainable disinfectant products, including THYMOX CONTROL® fungicide and bactericide.

AlgaEnergy formulates and produces powerful, sustainable, microalgae-based crop inputs for the world’s growers. Laboratoire M2’s THYMOX® products, derived from the antimicrobial power of thyme oil and other natural oils, are used in crop and indoor agriculture, as well as in turf and garden markets.

Under the agreements, AlgaEnergy will gain exclusive global rights to distribute the THYMOX crop protection product line through AlgaEnergy’s business units in key agricultural markets in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia-Pacific. The two companies also signed a license and collaborative product development agreement under which their scientific teams will together work to create new, value-added biocontrol products.

Ry Wagner, AlgaEnergy
Ry Wagner, President & CEO, AlgaEnergy


“As with our partnership with Concentric Ag announced last fall, Laboratoire M2’s THYMOX CONTROL products will be available soon through AlgaEnergy’s worldwide distribution network,” said D. Ry Wagner, AlgaEnergy N.A. CEO and president of AlgaEnergy’s international agribusiness. “Laboratoire M2 has developed some of the most innovative natural biocontrol solutions in the market today. These agreements mark AlgaEnergy’s entry into the rapidly growing biocontrol sector and also sets the stage for future innovations coming from our scientific collaboration.”


“AlgaEnergy is excited not only by the near-term opportunities with the THYMOX CONTROL natural and organic products, but also by the possibilities of using our world-class microalgae platform and the products of the Concentric Ag platform to create best-in-class products that improve agricultural productivity and sustainability around the world,” he said.

Frank Palantoni, executive director of Laboratoire M2, sees tremendous game-changing potential in the new products that will result from these combined technologies.

“Our substantial investments in a new technology platform for our Crop Protection business unit have paid off,” Palantoni said. “Our highly flexible advanced nanotechnology has been engineered to be applied in many other biocontrol ingredients and actives.”

“This partnership with AlgaEnergy will give the world’s growers access to our THYMOX technology, which has been proven in field tests to offer effective protection against some of the most difficult pathogenic problems faced by growers,” he added.


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About AlgaEnergy N.A.
AlgaEnergy N.A. Inc. is AlgaEnergy S.A.’s subsidiary in the U.S. AlgaEnergy S.A. is a biotechnology company headquartered in Spain that uses advanced technology and production processes to produce high-quality microalgae-based products for the agriculture, aquaculture, nutrition and cosmetics industries. By harnessing multiple, diverse microalgae strains in one product, AlgaEnergy products can benefit a wide range of crops in diverse environments facing unique stresses. AlgaEnergy is building a strong international presence to deliver its microalgae-based solutions across the globe. For more information on AlgaEnergy International Agribusiness, visit and and follow AlgaEnergy Intl on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.


About Laboratoire M2 
Laboratoire M2 Inc., based in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, has a well-respected reputation for product innovation and expertise in environmentally sustainable, green disinfection and bio-security technology under the trademark THYMOX®. The company markets a range of leading biodegradable, disinfecting and anti-microbial products based on their proprietary nano-technology platform in three business units: Animal Health products include THYMOX HOOF® which is used to control the spread of treponemes and other bacteria that cause digital dermatitis in commercial and retail markets, THYMOX® nano-technology is also available in Surface Disinfecting products distributed under various agreements, and in Crop Protection, Laboratoire M2 products are sold in the U.S. and Canada under THYMOX CONTROL® and THYMOX Gro® trademarks. For more information about Laboratoire M2, visit