AgFunder News recently caught up with Ewan Mcpherson, Numnuts start-up director, after Numnut’s victory at the 2020 Tesco Agri T-Jam and World Agri-Tech Pitch Day Final.

Ewan MacPherson
Ewan MacPherson, Director of Numnuts

Numnuts won the 2020 Tesco Agri T-Jam and World Agri-Tech Final, giving the start-up the chance to work alongside Tesco to improve and scale the technology. 


The Brisbane-based start-up called Senesino is hoping to modernize these practices while boosting efficiency on the farm with a new tool cleverly named Numnuts. It encompasses one of the existing methods that producers use to either castrate or tail dock: applying a rubber ring around the tail or testicles to constrict blood flow, which is sometimes called banding.

“Numnuts [is] an easy to use ring applicator, combined with an injector that dispenses NumOcaine local anesthetic simultaneously with the application of the standard rubber ring,” Ewan Macpherson, director of Senesino, told AFN.

The tool was developed over a nine-year period in Scotland with the support of the Moredun Foundation and with significant interest from the sheep industry in Australia, he added. But getting the device through regulatory approvals required Senesino to jump through more than a few hoops – and across a few continents.


Visit AFN to read the full interview with Ewan MacPherson on Numnuts’ story. Re-watch the recording of the 2020 Tesco Agri T-Jam and World Agri-Tech Pitch Day Final here.  

Startup Spotlight: With Numnuts, sheep tail docking and castration may not be so baaaad