Advancing Genomic Solutions in Agri-Tech – NRGene

Plant resources were a key factor for the humankind for several millennia – they serve as the basis for food security in addition to being sources of energy, animal feed, fiber, as well as other ecosystem services. These resources are critical in addressing the global sustainability challenges that the human population currently faces, particularly the challenge of climate change and food scarcity.

Over the past decade, the evolving field of genomic applications has opened new opportunities for the Food and Agriculture industries that withstand these challenges. Research, innovation and development in genomics are essential to the continuous success of these industries, allowing deep genetic understanding of plant varieties and their unique traits.

NRGene, a leading big data genomic company, stands in the front of cutting-edge genomics technology. Using advanced algorithmics and extensive proprietary databases, NRGene provides tools that help to cost effectively study genetic diversity, identify desirable genes and alleles, thus help deliver new improved varieties in fraction of the time of traditional selective breeding.

NRGene’s tools have already been implemented by some of the leading agribiotech companies worldwide, as well as the most influential research teams in academia. With the growing global environmental concern, many industries reach out and trust NRGene to provide solutions to their unmet needs.

One of the most exciting projects is NRGene’s collaboration with TOYOTA on a strawberry genome assembly. In addition to its core business of making ever-better cars, Toyota has been working since 1999 to enrich communities through a range of business initiatives that positively impact the environment. Prominent examples include plant improvement techniques to identify disease-resistant sugar cane genes and analysis of the strawberry genome.

Another example is a collaboration with Bridgestone Americas, the world’s largest tire and rubber company. Bridgestone works with NRGene on its commitment to develop a sustainable guayule natural rubber industry in North America for tire production. With more insights into guayule, Bridgestone will be able to increase rubber yields while reducing the resource requirements.

NRGene is exhibiting at the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit in London on October 15-16.