30 standout start-ups with a vision to change agriculture for the better will take the spotlight at the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit in San Francisco (March 22-23). Their breakthrough solutions range from biochar, genomic data management platforms to autonomous robots and novel microbials.

Renowned globally for its focus on start-ups, innovation and investment, the World Agri-Tech summit program helps start-ups to accelerate scale-up opportunities as they raise their profile and connect with potential investors and partners among its 1,000+ international industry delegates.

Pre-Summit Pitch Day (March 21)

Eight finalists with climate-smart solutions for agriculture have been selected by the judges for the Pre-Summit Pitch Day, which attracted over 160 international entries. The agtech innovators will pitch to the panel of high profile judges at Leaps by Bayer, S2G Ventures, Sandbox Industries, The Nature Conservancy and Fall Line Capital and a selected VIP audience of investors.

Meet the eight finalists:

  • Climate Robotics is developing a carbon-negative soil-amendment biochar made from agricultural residues to improve nutrient retention, water retention and crop yield.
  • DOTS uses a water siphoning mechanism, combined with electro-optical sensors and analysis algorithms, to enable affordable, real-time nitrate monitoring.
  • Vivid Machines provides vision technology to digitize permanent and speciality crop production. Its system integrates into existing workflows, capturing plant-level data below the canopy across production.
  • GridTractor is accelerating the electrification of farm equipment, helping farmers to gain control of their energy with producing, using, storing and selling power.
  • Root Applied Science has created a pathogen monitoring system that measures pathogens while they are still in the air.
  • KrillTech provides biodegradable nanobiofertilizers that activate plant metabolism.
  • Karyosoft’s in-house genomics data management and analytics platform empowers non-programming life scientists to quickly get meaningful insights within their secure on-premise or cloud environment.
  • Reazent helps carbon capture, leveraging improvements in microbial genetic functions

Gone in 60 Seconds Start-Up Showcase

On Day 1, six early-stage innovators will take the stage for rapid-fire presentations. The audience will then vote four start-ups through to the final, taking place on Day 2. They’ll present their solutions followed by a Q&A with seasoned agtech investors Hadar Sutovsky at ICL and Brett Morris at Cavallo Ventures.

  • Nitricity distributes and electrifies the production of climate-smart fertilizers, using only air, water, and renewable energy.
  • Index Biosystems has created on-product traceability solution tags acting like microscopic barcodes to enable quality control, anti-counterfeiting and ESG guarantees.
  • Yardstick’s instant in-situ soil carbon and bulk density measurement technology is designed primarily for field evaluation of soil carbon stocks and change.
  • Robigo is engineering microbes to create more effective and environmentally friendly pesticides.
  • Neupeak Robotics automates manual labour in the field, using strawberry harvesting robots.
  • Ascribe Bioscience develops natural crop protection products derived from signaling molecules in the soil microbiome.

Start-Up Arena:

Each day, early to mid-stage start-ups will pitch their technology in the Start-Up Arena, running alongside the main program.

Day 1 focuses on Robotics, with investor Brett Brohl at Bread & Butter Ventures:

  • Burro is a robotic platform that follows people and can autonomously run cargo around.
  • Tevel developed a fleet of flying robots for performing picking, thinning and pruning tasks in orchards.
  • Bloomfield Robotics provides direct line-of-site pixel-level inspection using RGB imaging and AI to automatically assess the health and performance regardless of plant type, location or number.
  • Augmenta uses retrofitted camera attached on farming equipment and AI-based VRA hardware platform to provide fleet management, post-operational and seasonal ROI analysis to farmers and agronomists.

Day 2 focuses on Crop Health, with investor Mark Durno at Rockstart:

  • 3 Bar Biologics helps biological customers overcome traditional barriers to microbe productization and commercialize their microbes to accelerate time to market.
  • Phytoform Labs produces new plant traits in months, with a fraction of the cost of conventional breeding and GMO technologies.
  • BVT has pioneered a natural precision agriculture system with its biological pesticide alternatives using commercially managed bees.

Start-Up TechHub (powered by ICL Planet)

Delegates will continue their journey of talent discovery at the start-up TechHub exhibition and networking area, where they’ll meet the entrepreneurs behind daring solutions and learn more about their scale-up ambitions.

  • Pluton Biosciences’ discovery platform mines​ microbes from the soil, discovering microbial leads for manufacturers of next generation biosolutions, including biopesticides and antibiotics.
  • Webee is a no-code platform that reduces costs, increases throughput, and eliminates unplanned downtime in manufacturing.
  • BigSIS offers cost-effective sustainable insect control solutions that can be combined with established commercial practices in integrated pest management.
  • Intrinsyx Bio has created endophytic microbes that help crop plants, grasses and trees to fix nitrogen directly from the atmosphere into ammonia.
  • Agrinoze: using real-time analysis on any crop and soil, Agrinoze’s autonomous management system helps to maintain an optimal soil environment while decreasing emissions, pollution and soil degradation.
  • Ac-Planta uses epigenetic approach to enable plants to grow in a variety of environments with its patented biostimulant products that support drought tolerance.
  • Smart Microbes delivers eco-friendly quality products for soil, crop and pest management, including its unique and proprietary beneficial bacterial and fungal (microbial) biofertilizers.
  • Gavea is a digital blockchain-based exchange that simplifies the trading, execution and settlement of physical commodities, connecting buyers and sellers in a safe and transparent environment.

The agtech start-up community will be an active component of the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit on March 22-23, as it brings together over 1,000 global delegates for two action-packed days of face-to-face networking, panel sessions, small-group discussions, combined with a virtual platform.

The full program, speaker faculty and delegate registration are available at: worldagritechusa.com